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How to Remodel Bathroom Shower

Decide on a Design

Before you take action or do any remodeling, it’s best to visualize what kind of design that you are interested in. There are various approaches to a bathroom makeover, but before starting, let’s visualize. The first thing to consider is the color scheme. The most popular colors are blue, light shades of gray, or anything light in color. Then you can think about remodeling your shower tub, installing a sink, and replacing anything old. You can also add in the storage space where you can keep your towels and toiletries. Another thing to keep in mind is to know where all the electrical wiring and plumbing pipes are located.

Gather Your Tools

Here are the tools that you should gather: goggles, mask, gloves, hammer, tape measure, knife, power drill, bucket, chisel, ranch, screwdriver, chalk line, extension cord, and saw.

Remove Bathroom Mixture

The first thing to do is to demolish the bathroom. The next thing is to drain and remove the toilet to prevent spills. Then cover the bathtub and remove the tiles. After that, remove the insulation from your walls. You can use a saw to cut the panels. Make sure to wear a mask, goggle, or club. Finally, remove the mirror, floor tiles, cabinet, and vanities.

Installing Shower and Tub

After demolishing your bathroom, you can start installing the shower or tub. There are three shapes that you can choose from, pentacle, square, and rectangle. Based on what you choose, it will determine your layout. You could also install a shower and bathtub combo. Make sure to replace any rotting wood or water damage that have with occurred in your flooring.

Make Adjustments

Once you install your tub and shower, you can start with the cabinets. Make sure to get the proper dimensions that you need for your bathroom renovation projects.

New Floor Tiles

Once you adjust your utility lines, you can lay down some fresh tiles. Use the chalk to create a reference line to the wall. This will help you keep your tile straight.

Drywall and Painting

Now it’s time to hang new drywall. This can be a very lengthy process because you have to cut new drywall to fit around your vanity.

Install Cabinet

Once you’re done with your walls and the lights, you can start installing the vanity and cabinet. The first thing to install is the vanity which is the sink and faucet. Once that is done, you can start with the mirror and cabinets.


Once everything is done, it’s time to hook up the toilet. It’s best to leave the toilet for last. This is to avoid chipping it while you work on other areas in the bathroom.

How to Remodel a Bathroom

Building and remodeling your bathroom can be challenging, but fun at the same time. The first thing is to do your research so you know what to avoid and what strategies that can help you. Once you complete your research, it’s time to gather the tool and to start building your bathroom. Once you’re done, you will feel a sense of satisfaction and the feeling that you have conquered the task of how to remodel bathroom shower, cabinets, toilet, and walls. Holtzman Home has qualified professionals to assist in an remodel.

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