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When a person is in need of replacement glass for their home or business there are several options that they have. There is a wide variety of residential glass services as well as commercial glass services that can be handled by the professional team at Binswanger.

Residential Glass Services
These glass services can add beauty to the home and can help repair glass that has broken.

Commercial Glass Services
The professionals at Binswanger Glass offer a number of services to commercial businesses.

Glass Shower Enclosures

Glass enclosures can be designed around the shower. Glass doors are becoming very popular and they add a great look to the bathroom and will allow a person to add a touch of luxury to their shower. There are a number of glass shower doors to select from. A professional will sit down with a person and help them find a glass door that fits their shower size and look. An expert installer will put in the glass door so a person can enjoy their new shower.

Window Repair and Replacement
In a window in the home needs to be replaced the professionals will be able to handle this service. They will measure the window and replace the glass. They can make the window meet different specifications so that it is a perfect fit. Broken windows can allow drafts and precipitation into the home. The professional glass installers can repair the window right away and make sure it is airtight. .

Store Fronts
It is important for a commercial business to have curb appeal. The professionals can design an entrance and doorway that is durable and attractive to customers. They can install a single glass entrance or they can provide the doorways for an entire office building.

Shelves and Table Tops

The glass table top looks great in any room and can be designed in many different shapes, sizes, and different edges. The glass can be tinted, framed, or can even be made to look like stone or marble. The glass is measured and it is cut to fit the table. It can then be etched or designed in another way or design of the homeowner’s choosing.

Emergency Services
In the event of a storm of a break in the professionals will come to the business and provide emergency board up services. They will use a wooden board to cover the area that was affected and will remove any broken glass. This will allow the business to be protected while the new glass is being ordered. Once the new glass door or window has been manufactured the professional team will go back to the business and remove the board. They will then install the new glass and can even be called to work after business hours.

Security Glass
It is important that a business protect the customers, employees, and their assets. Security glass is a great precautionary measure to take. This glass is of high quality and bullet resistant glass can be installed for protection. This glass can also protect the building from debris and flying objects due to tornadoes and other intense storms. The protective glass comes in many different colors and a variety of thickness. This glass goes well beyond the basic government regulations for security glass.

Service Windows
Many businesses have service windows as part of the drive-thru for customers. The glass installers can set up the windows and make sure the entire system is working properly. The professionals have installed service windows in pharmacies, restaurants, and many other types of businesses. They can even install laminate glass which is safer than traditional glass windows.

Single Pane Vs Double Pain

Single pane and double pane describe the layers of glass that windows are made from. Windows that are single pane have one layer of glass. They are a good choice for people that are working on a budget and are able to keep the elements out of the home. The double pane windows have two layers of glass. They can be used to reduce the noise levels that are able to enter a room. They also hold in heat more efficient which can help a person save money on their utility bill over time.

The single pane windows are not insulated. If a person lives in a quiet area and the temperatures are mild than this type of window will be fine. For those living in a high noise traffic area or there are extreme variations in the temperature it is a better choice to select double pane windows. They are able to keep 24 percent more heat in the home during the cold months than single pane windows. During the summer they can keep 18 percent of the cool air in the home.

Single Pane vs Double Pane Energy Savings
Double pane windows are able to help a person save money on their energy costs. If a person installs double pane windows in their home they can save several hundred dollars a year. Depending on the variations in the climate a person can save between $100 and $350 dollars a year on their energy costs. The double pane windows will also allow the cooling systems such as air conditioning units to work less. The windows will reduce the strain placed on these systems allowing the life of these units to increase. Those that are looking to go green and look for products that are environmentally friendly, these windows are a better choice as they do cut down on the emissions released from the heating units.

When a person is looking to replace the windows in their home or business they need to contact glass professionals. These professionals can make sure the window fits properly and that high-quality services are provided. Glass can transform the look of the home and business and help them save money on their utilities as well. It is necessary to leave all the glass work to the professionals so the job will be done correctly and will look great.

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