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Design To Maximize Value
At Holtzman, we know that your dream house isn't going to be the same as your neighbor's. That's why we're dedicated to providing unique designs that fit your unique needs. Whether you need a simple bathroom remodel or your whole house redone, Holtzman's design team will carefully guide you through each step of the process. You'll be consulted on every decision to ensure that you get a finished product that fits your taste, and your budget. Our team is made up of professionals that know how to creatively optimize space to create comfortable rooms with the perfect look. With expertise in everything ranging from color schemes to mathematical wall ratios, our team has the skills you need to create the perfect space.

Need Help Decorating?
Once the basics of the room have been laid out, Holtzman's design team's work isn't finished. Our experts will help you choose lighting, paint, wallpaper, finish, and furniture that make your house into a unique, beautiful home. But we don't claim to always have the answers for perfect design. That's why if we think there's someone else who knows how to add the touch that will make your home perfect, we'll call them in, even if they don't work for us. Our client's needs are first above all else. Contact Holtzman Home Improvement, the top rated remodeling contractors phoenix az today and start turning your house into your dream home.

What Homeowners Want
At this Builders' Show presentation, learn about the results of the largest home building design survey in North America, based on the readers of home remodeling web site Houzz. Not surprisingly, kitchen and bath ideas topped the list of what homeowners want to know more about.

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